Nissan Patrol Silvia’s (日産パトロールシルビア)

On the 9th of December 1965 at 1pm, at the Kanagawa Police Headquarters, there was a handover ceremony of two Nissan Silvia’s. Formally known as Nissan Patrol Silvia’s, they were to be deployed as traffic cars on the Keihin third highway (which is between Tokyo and Yokohama), to enforce the speed limit (80km/h) and accident prevention. The highway was opened on the 18th December 1965. The squadron patrolling this area had 2 Silvia’s and 4 police officers. One car located at traffic fleet headquarters and the other at the Kohoku interchange on this highway.

1965年12月9日午後1時、神奈川警察本部で、日産シルビアの引渡し式がありました。正式には日産パトロールシルビアと呼ばれ、京浜第三高速道路に交通車として配備された (東京と横浜の間です),制限速度(80km / h)と事故防止を実施する。このエリアをパトロール艦隊は2人のシルビアさんと4人の警察官を持っていました。一台の車は、この高速道路上港北インターチェンジでのトラフィック艦隊本部及びその他に位置します。

Usually luxury performance cars were adopted as police patrol cars (e.g. Nissan Bluebird), but this is the first time a high performance vehicle was employed at the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department (and a first for the country as a whole). Nissan would give appropriate cars to the Kanagawa Prefecture Police Department as this prefecture is where Nissan had its headquarters and it would not be right to have other car manufacturers models patrolling this area.

通常、高級車は警察のパターカー(日産ブルードルなど)として採用され、これは、高性能の車が警視庁に採用された最初の時間です(そして、全国で最初の)。日産は、神奈川県警察署に適した車を与えられるだろう, この県は日産が本社を持っていたところであり、他の自動車メーカーがこのエリアをパロロールするモデルを持っているのは間違いです。

The two Silvia’s were stock cars, with the same 1600cc 90hp engine as sold to the public. But the suspension was tuned for high speed work. As you see from the images it was equipped with police specific items e.g., lights, siren, over bumpers and calibrated speedometer.


One of these original police cars survives to this day, and is nearing a restoration in the USA.


So, here is the Keihin third highway, with the facilities and, again, a image of the two Nissan Patrol Silvia’s. (From Practice of automobiles, April 1967)


Thanks to Dmitry for supplying some of the images.

Dmitry also found a couple of photographs of the Nissan Patrol Silvia’s below, but they are copyrighted and payment required for website use. We have not seen these images before on the web.


Dedicated to the first generation Nissan Silvia car, model code CSP311.

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