Would like (希望)

I came across these images of pages of a magazine (whether from one magazine or more) a few years ago. I would like to know what the name of the magazine is (and its issue) so I can track a copy down for me to add here and translate.

Update, thank you to the person who contacted me to let me know which magazine this is from. Thus, I am looking for “Daily Graphic, a separate volume 1965 5/1” (“Mainichi graph bessatsu 1965 5/1”). If you find one, or have one (even a copy would help), let me know please.


更新、これがどの雑誌からのものかを知らせるために私に連絡してくれた人に感謝します. そこで、「デイリーグラフィック 別冊 1965 5/1」(「毎日グラフ別冊 1965 5/1」)を探しています。 見つけた場合、または持っている場合 (コピーでも構いません)、お知らせください。

Unknown Jap 1965 mag

Unknown Jap 1965 mag1 (2)

Unknown Jap 1965 mag1

Unknown Jap 1965 mag no2 1

Unknown Jap 1965 mag no2

My Nissan Silvia did not come with many parts. I would like to have a pair of original Silvia seat belts. I do not mind if in poor condition. I will restore.


Please contact me.

2 thoughts on “Would like (希望)”

  1. こんにちは

    この雑誌は、「毎日グラフ別冊 1965 5/1」です。

    ’65 春の乗用車特集




    Thank you for coming to my blog last year.
    Also, your web page will be very studying.
    I’m also worried about your Sylvia restoration status.

    We will contact you about the magazine you are looking for.
    This magazine is “Daily graphic separate volume 1965 5/1”.
    (“Mainichi graph bessatsu 1965 5/1”.)Japanese reading

    ’65 Spring passenger car special feature
    (’65 Haruno jouyousya tokusyu)Japanese reading 

    Among them, the introduction of the new car Sylvia and the article on the confidential information of the manufacturer are the contents you are looking for.

    The size of the book is a big thing of 26㎝x34㎝.

    Recently I was able to get it.


    1. こんにちは。
      メッセージをお送りいただきありがとうございます。 返事が遅れてすみません。 メッセージがスパムに移動しました。
      ずっと探していた雑誌の良いコピーに興味があります。 連絡先ページの情報を介して私にメールしてください。


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