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Reproduced hubcaps, made by a fellow Silvia owner. I have to sort out fixing clip for these, but they do look good!

仲間シルビアの所有者によって行われた再現ホイールキャップ、。 私はこれらのための固定クリップを整理しなければならないが、彼らはよく見える!

And also produced by the same Australian Silvia owner, new rear light lenses. Take a bow Duane!


NOS headlamps, inner, outer for right hand drive, and a outer for left hand drive.


Another batch of parts ready for aqua-blasting.


Back from the aqua-blasting.


NOS air filter element.


I have had some NOS parts 3D scanned, with the view of having a few 3D printed. The indicator lens and indicator gasket are NOS, while the number plate lens is old and part is broken off.


The NOS lens is orange, but hopefully when printed they will be clear.


The person doing the 3D scanning, did a range of finishes, but again, they will hopefully be transparent.


More parts back from being plastic coated and chromed.


No more Silvia rear lights for sale. But found these;

販売のためのこれ以上のシルビアリアライトません。 しかし、これらを発見しました。

here ここに

I understand there has been some selling on of these. Hence why the price is way higher than I was selling them for.


From Driver magazine. These are not sketch designs that became the Silvia. The magazine article has other Japanese car models that reached production, and again, these have different sketches. The article is talking about design in general as far as I can make out. The Silvia is just used as an example.


I do not usually put contemporary material on this blog, as there is more of it. This is from Nissan’s magazine, where NAKAMURA Shiro until recently, had a sort of overseeing position in Nissan’s design departments. Without translating, I take it the Silvia is owned by NAKAMURA san, a designer appreciating design?

私は通常、このブログで現代的な材料を入れてはいけません。 それがより存在するので。これは、中村史郎は最近まで、日産のデザイン部門で位置を監督のようなものを持っていた日産の雑誌、からです。変換せず、私はそれシルビアは、中村さんが所有しているがかかります。 デザイナーはデザインを高く評価していますか?

At last, some parts with their final yellow zinc plating. The aqua blasting I had done, makes for a very good finish.

最後に、最終的な黄色の亜鉛メッキを施した部品もあります。 私が行っていたブラストアクアは、非常に良い仕上がりになります。

assembled pedals. 組み立てられたペダル。

Work is required to both the instrument and engine bay wiring harness for my csp311. Wires cut, connectors worn. Replica connectors can be bought, but I wanted originals. And original wire replaced with original. I managed to find a new old stock Datsun 520 wiring harness for the instrument and engine bay.

私のcsp311用の装置とエンジンベイの配線ハーネスの両方に作業が必要です。ワイヤーカット、着用コネクタ。レプリカのコネクタは買えますが、私はオリジナルを望んでいました。 そして、オリジナルのワイヤーは、オリジナルと置き換えます。私は、機器やエンジンベイのための新しい古い株式ダットサン520の配線ハーネスを見つけることができました。


Datsun 520 ダットサン

Dedicated to the first generation Nissan Silvia car, model code CSP311.

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