Silvia production differences (シルビア生産の違い)

Here, I will see if I can document any differences between specific parts for the Silvia. During the Silvia production run, I would think there were changes made, to aid cost, ease of manufacturer and improving the Silvia model. If you have found some, I would love to hear what you have found.


The most obvious to Silvia owners is the change to the R series engine. This went from all cast iron engine with 3 main bearings, to a 5 main bearing engine with an aluminium cylinder head.


Combined with this move, the air filter box gained an inlet from the engine breather on the rocker cover. The air filter box changed colour too from red to blue.


But, I am more interested in the small, not so obvious changes. Here, is a small difference with the rim shape of the steering wheel.


Here is a difference in the brackets that hold the top radiator top brace to the bonnet uprights.


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